Development Update

Development Update

It’s been a busy week with a number of bug fixes, quality of life changes and a few new features.

Changelog for 12-11-2018:

  1. Updated the greeting to include credits.
  2. Cleaned up the help command and it’s generated output.
  3. Fixed progressive dice and updated the prize list for Holiday mode.
  4. Updated the Message of the Day and login screens.
  5. Rebuilt the new player sign up process.
  6. Updated the mud name in the wholist.
  7. Quality of life improvements for handling game data on the backend.
  8. Formatted the output for the ‘command’, command.
  9. Rebuilt the score command so that it is easier to read and adapts to the player, showing only relevant information.
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Velar is a software engineer with a passion for game development and story telling.

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